Casual Summer Outfit Pairings + 3 Summer Must-Haves

It is 86 degrees today in Birmingham, AL and it’s only a matter of time before we are up in the 90’s. I’m sweating just thinking about it. Alabama summers are unlike any other, because you get the outrageously high temps AND you get swarmed by humidity so thick you can reach out and grab it. Permanent back sweat, glistening foreheads, pit stains – these are the things Alabama summers are made of!

Okay all whining aside, I really do love summer. It’s my favorite time of the year because there are so many fun things going on. Especially summer in Birmingham, because you’ve got Barons games every week, breweries, rooftop bars, events at railroad park all the time, amazing food + outdoor patio scenes, the list goes on. Every summer I have a few items that I know I HAVE to have in order to brave the heat and look cute doing it.




Up at the top of this list is summer shoes. Let’s go by the 3 C’s rule: I like to have 2-4 pairs of shoes every summer that I can count on to keep me comfortable, cool, and cute both day and night. I always like to have a casual option and a more dressy option. These two shoes are recent additions to my closet for the season, and they did not break the bank! These brown sandals are seriously so comfortable, they have a padded sole and are perfect for a casual daytime look. I bought mine for $14.99 at Ross, and I couldn’t find the exact pair to link, but I found a comparable pair on Amazon for the same price. You can find them here. These grey wedges are from amazon and I love love love them! They are perfect for dressing up some jeans and a nice top, or with a summer dress for church or dinner. You can seriously pair them with so many outfits – and they are under $30.00. They come in several colors and are very comfortable to walk in. They check all my boxes: comfortable, cool, cute.



I shared this leopard print shirt earlier this week, paired with some work pants and my nude heels and it got so many comments!! This has been such a statement spring/summer staple in my closet. You can wear it so many different ways, and the ruffled sleeves are so fun and feminine. I snagged it at TJMaxx for under $20.00, but It is made by a boutique in Los Angeles called Green Envelope. I found a similar leopard shirt for about the same price here, and it’s so cute I honestly might go buy that one too.


This is a tried and true summertime staple!!! A reliable and comfortable blue jean short, (left) made by Old Navy and only $25.00. These shorts are the perfect length, not too short, and will be worn all summer long. I have another pair in the darker wash, and both will be on rotation. My white linen tank is another staple piece, and it’s on sale right now for $15.00!! I’ve paired it with nice pants and heels for work, and also barefoot with linen shorts on the beach. It can seriously be worn so many ways, and it comes in several colors. The green linen shorts (right) are from Altar’d State, and are $40.00 online. I have another pair in a rustic navy blue color, and I will wear both all summer as well. They are the perfect casual look, paired with a tank or T-shirt.


This shirt is made by a designer called Sigrid Olsen, her website can be found here. Unfortunately, I cannot find the link for this exact shirt, but I bought it at TJMaxx for $15.00, and I love it. Honestly, this shirt makes me so happy! I love when I find very cute and unique statement shirts, because otherwise, I stick to my neutrals. This one really stood out to me and I’m so glad I bought it. It’s 100% linen, and very breathable, which is perfect for Alabama summer. While I was looking for something similar to link, I did find this linen tank on Amazon and I miggght go buy it in every color. Linen is no joke.


These green pants!!! These were another recent steal at TJMaxx, and they are made by a brand called Max Jeans, but I found an identical pair on Nordstrom online for the same price, about $30.00. These are a lightweight, comfortable material and can be worn casually or dressed up as well. A secret to looking good is feeling good, and these pajama-like pants do the trick! My tank is 100% thrifted, about $4.00 even. I hope you enjoyed my summer outfit inspo, and I would love to know what you’ve got in your closet this season!

How to Style Boyfriend Jeans

I’ve always wondered how girls wear those loose fitting boyfriend style jeans. What top do you wear with such loose fitting pants?? Are they comfortable? (YES) Can I pull it off?? (I think so???) During my Black Friday shopping this year, I decided to just go for it and I purchased my first boyfriend style jeans from H&M. The first thing I realized is how comfortable and casual they are!


I ended up wearing them to the sports bar that weekend to watch the Alabama football game – the perfect setting to be both cute & casual. Since my jeans are high waisted, I styled them with a short basic black Tee. Boyfriend jeans are loose-fitting in nature, so I made sure to pair them with a shirt that is a little more form fitting for the “chic” look I was going for. If you are going for a more casual-cozy look, you can pair them with a cropped or oversized sweater. Fall weather in Alabama means mostly-warm-but-sometimes-breezy so I threw on my sheer, super lightweight cardigan. Lastly, I always love a statement shoe!!! My new printed flats from Forever 21 were the perfect final touch for this outfit – adding an accent color + a dash of sass. You can also pair them with statement or basic colored booties with a sweater. What’s your favorite way to style boyfriend jeans?? Let ya girl know.